What is Hamburg Invasion?

Hamburg Invasion is a long Weekend in Hamburg full of activities and fun. Meet Couchsurfers, Locals, Expats and all kinds of interesting and open-minded people with backgrounds from all over the world. Get to know Hamburg on a low budget and off the beaten paths. Hamburg Invasion originated in the Spirit of Couchsurfing and is an uncommercial event. We want to share our Hamburg with you.

You claim to be non-commercial, why does it cost so much?

We work hard to give you the best prices possible and a lot of the activities offered are 100 % free. All our Organizers and helpers work for the fun of doing it. However, we need to cover our expenses like rents or DJs. On tours like kayaking/biking, we need to rent the equipment for you. We calculate hard to give you the best value. In the last years, we managed to have a balance of zero at the end of the event. Just like we like it. And we want to keep it that way. If you book early for the whole event you get a discount but if you only want to participate in some events you can also do that and pay a small fee where needed.

Why don’t you ask sponsors for help?

This topic is discussed a lot and as long as we can do without sponsors we will stick to that. We want to grow on the spirit of community and sharing, not profit. Additionally, as soon as we accept sponsors our legal status and requirements by law get a lot more complicated.

Who is organizing this thing?

It all started in 2012. At the moment we are about 10 volunteers. Most of us are couchsurfers living in Hamburg with all kinds of passports. And we are excited to meet you.

What kind of people goes to Hamburg Invasion?

A large part of the participants comes from Couchsurfing. The share of people, coming from other networks like Bewelcome or Meetup, is growing continuously. Looking at the graphs from the last years you can see that more than 25 nationalities joined last year.

Want to volunteer and help with the invasion. How can I meet you?

Absolutely. We are always excited if our team grows. We need people to participate in the planning, offer tours and activities and take shifts during our parties and main events. The best way to get into contact is on Couchsurfing in the Events for Hamburg section.

I need to find a host, can you help?

Yes, as we are part of the Couchsurfing community we strongly suggest looking for a host there. If you are not a member of Couchsurfing you can also check out our Facebook website


If you are not a member of Couchsurfing you can also check out our Facebook website.